In publication since 1992, the Birinyi Newsletter, entitled Reminiscences (in honor of the classic Wall Street chronicle by Edwin Lefevre), remains a popular method of accessing the industry-leading research and analysis provided by Birinyi Associates.  

Subscription to the Birinyi Reminiscences Newsletter service includes:

  • Market Commentary and Stock Analysis by Laszlo Birinyi: – Put Mr. Birinyi's forty years of experience to work for you.  Not only a commentator, Laszlo Birinyi is an active portfolio manager and trader on a daily basis.  This kind of daily exposure to the fluctuations of the stock market is increasingly unusual as strategists and executives are further from the front lines.  Birinyi's commentary aims at describing underlying market drivers and based on the psychology of market participants.
  • Investment Portfolios: – A greatly unknown treasure, these portfolios alone are worth far more than the modest monthly charge.  By doing part of the work on your own, Birinyi Associates assists you with strategic investment decisions.  Although only updated on a monthly basis, Birinyi Associates consistently outperforms the S&P 500; with the growth names locking in a 20% gain in the first four months of 2009.
  • Sector Timing Model: – This proprietary model was developed over two years with a focus overbought and oversold characteristics.  Using historical measures and theoretical extremes Birinyi Associates highlights the ten S&P 500 sectors with potential entry and exit points.  It has proven very successful and is widely used by international managers, institutions, and is updated weekly for Birinyi's Mini-Institutional clients.
  • Birinyi Stock Ratings: – This interactive database of 1,500 stocks rates the most and least attractive based on a combination of stock research methods.  The Ratings also include access to our "Birinyi 50" list of the top rated stocks.